LoboMail Screenshots

These are early screenshots of what LoboMail will look like.  For more information about the Office Web App (OWA) web interface used to access LoboMail, see these Microsoft FAQs about email, calendar, contacts, and this set of training videos.

What does LoboMail look like?

This is the email composition window. The new system supports formatted text and Auto-Saves email drafts.

email composition window screenshot

The Inbox will appear similar to this. You may position the reading pane at the right, bottom, or off altogether. The Inbox features a flexible search and the ability to group emails by "conversation" (threads).

inbox window screenshot

For more information about email, see the Microsoft FAQs about email, also see video help.

What does the LoboMail calendar look like?

This is the calendar composition window.

screenshot of calendar appointment window

Here is the busy search page, used to determine when the other meeting attendees are free.

screenshot of calendar busy search

And this is the weekly calendar view. There are daily and monthly views as well.

screenshot of calendar week view

For more information about the calendar, see the Microsoft FAQs about calendaring, also see video help.