LoboMail New Account Setup

Welcome to your new LoboMail mailbox! 

There are a few things you should do first that will improve your LoboMail experience.  Please take a moment to perform the following account set-up activities:

1. Log in: There are two ways to log in, via my.UNM or via LoboMail.unm.edu. See FastInfo #6694 for instructions and a video on how to log into LoboMail.

2. Set your Time Zone: When you first log in, you are asked to set your time zone. If you did not do this already, please take a moment to set it. See FastInfo #6704 for instructions on how to set the time zone for your LoboMail account.

3. Turn Conversation View off: Conversation View is a feature offered with your mailbox that is turned on by default. It is best to turn it off at first, and then turn it on again later if desired. See FastInfo #6705 for instructions (and video) on how to turn Conversation View off.

4. Import your Webmail contacts: If you had contacts in Webmail, they have been extracted into a file and attached to your Welcome email message. See FastInfo #6698 for instructions and video on how to import your Webmail contacts into your new LoboMail account. 

5. Set up your phone and other mobile devices:  
6. Re-create your signature, vacation messages, and mailbox filtering and forwarding rules:

7a. Find missing messages in Webmail: Messages larger than 25MB and messages marked for deletion cannot be copied into LoboMail.  If you had either type of message in Webmail, they are still there.  For messages marked for deletion in Webmail, you can forward the message to yourself from Webmail (select Forward and enter your UNM email address) and it will appear in your LoboMail mailbox.  For messages larger than 25MB, your options include saving the attachment locally, and/or forwarding the email to yourself without attachments to save the email conversation thread.  See FastInfo #6696 for how to find messages larger than 25MB in Webmail, and FastInfo #6697 for how to find messages marked for deletion in Webmail.

7b. Find missing messages in GroupWise: Messages larger than 25MB cannot be copied into LoboMail.  If you had any in GroupWise they are still there.  See these instructions for how to find messages larger than 25MB in GroupWise.  

8. Learn how to use LoboMail: LoboMail has many features and options and a few minutes spent on training now will save time and frustration later.  See our Training Resources page for an extensive list of online training, videos, and Getting Started guides.  Seriously.  Go there now - it will only take a few minutes.