LoboMail FAQs

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Why do we need a new email system?

LoboMail is the result of a two-year UNM initiative to define needs and select a product that will provide the infrastructure for effective, flexible, and secure communication in support of researchers, instructors, students, and administrators. Over the course of the initiative, input was collected from faculty, staff, and students throughout the University community, culminating in the selection of Microsoft Outlook and Office 365. The combination of these products will provide the University with an integrated solution that maximizes the advantages of both an on-premise and hosted email and calendaring system. Additional information about the enterprise email initiative can be found at the CIO Web site.

Are all campuses moving to the same system?
Main and Branch campuses will all move to the new LoboMail system in 2012. The Health Sciences Center (HSC), including UNM Hospitals, UNM Medical Group and the Sandoval Regional Medical Center, will not be part of this move.
Why isn't the HSC changing its email system at this time?
HSC IT leadership is developing a plan for an email initiative that will migrate to Microsoft Exchange as the new HSC email system. These plans will include discussions with the HSC community regarding the best mechanisms for migration to Microsoft Exchange, needs for email retention and access to email archives, implementation timeline, and training/support.
Will I still be able to calendar with people on the HSC email system?
The ability to see others' calendars will be lost until the HSC moves to Microsoft Exchange.  We recognize the importance of email and calendaring systems for ease of practice and workflow and apologize for the inconvenience this may cause to some users during this transition and implementation.
When will my account be migrated, and how will I know?

Student email activation will start in late summer.  Faculty and Staff mail migration will begin after that and will be completed during Fall Semester. You will receive an email notifying you when your account is about to be activated.  NOTE: All notifications will be sent to your netid@unm.edu address — please check that address on a regular basis, if you are not already doing so.

What do I need to do to get ready?
  1. Check your @unm.edu email on a regular basis for instructions and updates.
  2. Clean out your Inbox! Delete unneeded mail and save large attachments to your hard drive.
  3. DO NOT use Trash as a filing system. The Trash folder will not be migrated, so make sure you have saved what you want in another folder.
I currently have my email forwarded to an external account such as Gmail. Will that be brought over to the new system?

No, we cannot preserve forwarding information. Once your account is migrated to the new system it will no longer be forwarded and you will have to reset any automated filtering or forwarding rules.

Will my email address change?

No, your email address will remain the same. What is changing is how you access your email, not the email address itself. All listservs and other automated mail processes will continue to function as normal.

I have an @salud.unm.edu address as well as an @unm.edu address. Will I still have both addresses?

Yes, you will continue to have both addresses. The requirements and process for receiving a salud address are not changing.

Will we get training on the new system?

You will have access to an extensive list of FAQs, FastInfos, training videos, and web resources to help you make the transition to LoboMail.

Will mobile devices work with the new email system?

Any mobile device that supports Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) will receive email, calendar, and contacts. Any device that supports IMAP will receive email. Support for EAS and IMAP varies by device, but most include built-in functionality. Third party apps are available for most devices as well.  For more information about mobile device setup, see this online reference.

Will LoboMail be compatible with Thunderbird or other third-party email clients?

Yes, email will be available on any email client that supports the IMAP protocol. However, other functions such as calendaring and global address book may not work.

I am a retiree - will I be included in the new system? When will I be migrated?

Retirees will be migrated along with faculty and staff during the Fall semester. Users will receive a series of emails to their @unm.edu address with more information about the timing and details of the move before any migrations take place.

Will the folders that I use for filing emails be kept intact?

All folders that are part of your mailbox will be copied into the new system.  Local folders and archives cannot be copied and will remain the responsibility of the user.

Will the new email program be web-based or will we have to have dedicated software?

The new email program is web-based. You will access LoboMail using a web-based email client called Outlook Web App. There is nothing to download and nothing to install. You can use Outlook Web App with almost any web browser, including Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari, Google Chrome, and most other web browsers.  Click here for more information about Outlook Web App

We currently use GroupWise to schedule resources such as rooms and projectors. Will this be a feature of LoboMail?
Absolutely.  Resources in GroupWise will have all email and calendar items migrated to LoboMail just like other accounts, and will function exactly the same way in the new system.
Will there be an Instant Messenger program associated with the new email system?

We recognize the important role that instant messaging plays in the business operations of many offices across campus, and are committed to not disrupting that functionality. At the moment there are no plans to replace GroupWise Instant Messenger (GWIM),  The Microsoft platform being implemented as a part of this project contains several other applications in addition to email and calendaring, including an instant messaging component, that may be implemented at a future date.

How much mailbox space do we get in the new system?

Most users will have a 25GB mailbox quota; a few users who have special requirements will be on a different server and will have 5GB mailboxes.  Either way, this is a significant increase from the current mailbox quota of 1GB!

When will guest and department accounts be moved to LoboMail?
As of December 3rd, 2012, all user accounts have been transitioned from Webmail to LoboMail, and all new user accounts are being created in LoboMail.  The only accounts still using Webmail are guest, visitor, department, club, and system accounts.  These accounts will be transitioned to LoboMail in early 2013.  More details will be provided about timing and account preparation at that time.
Can I still use Pine with LoboMail?
IT is actively supporting only the web client (OWA) access to LoboMail.  However we understand that Pine is used in some instructional situations, and in those situations, with technically-knowledgeable users, these instructions will help you connect. 
I have questions about the GroupWise migration
See our GroupWise migration FAQs page for more information about the GroupWise migration effort.
I have questions about the Webmail migration process and what did and did not get migrated
See the Mailbox Cloning FAQs for more information about how the Webmail content was migrated to LoboMail, and see the Webmail Help page for more information about why your Webmail pages have that bright yellow background.