LoboMail FAQs: GroupWise

How do I prepare for the GroupWise transition to LoboMail?

How do I prepare for the GroupWise transition to LoboMail?

1. Do not spend time cleaning up your GroupWise mailbox.  Data migration has already begun and changes you make in GroupWise now will NOT be reflected in your LoboMail account. 

2. Prepare for the merging of your Webmail and GroupWise accounts.  Log into Webmail at webmail.unm.edu, and do the following:
  1. Delete old email and folders you no longer need.  Changes to your Webmail account WILL be reflected in your LoboMail account.
  2. Once you have the folders you want to keep in Webmail, compare their names to your GroupWise folders.  Folders with the same name will be merged together, so If you want to keep things separate, rename your Webmail folders.
  3. If your Webmail email is being forwarded to GroupWise, check to be sure you are not keeping an extra copy of every email message that comes through.  Click on the Rules button at the top of the page, and in the forwarding section at the top of the page, make sure that there is no checkmark next to Keep a Copy.  If there is one, remove it.  Keeping a copy of emails that are being forwarded to GroupWise will cause you to have two copies of every email once the two mailboxes are merged.

3. Find and resolve messages larger than 25MB.  Messages larger than 25MB cannot be transferred to LoboMail.  If you want to save them you must find them in your Webmail or GroupWise mailbox and save the attachments locally on your computer.  If you want to save the email conversation, forward the email to yourself without the attachment (so that the message is smaller than 25MB).

  1. How to find messages larger than 25MB in Webmail
  2. How to find messages larger than 25MB in GroupWise

4. Print or export a copy of your GroupWise calendar for next week. It will make a handy reference until you become familiar with LoboMail.  (To export a calendar, right-click on the Calendar icon and choose Export. This will make a .ics file that can be imported into other applications.)

5. Make a copy of your address book (optional): Personal Address books have been migrated from GroupWise to LoboMail but if you want an additional backup, export your address books as .csv files (See GroupWise Help Menu for documentation).

6. Make a copy of your GroupWise account (optional):  Consider switching to GroupWise caching mode (File > Mode) to preserve access to personal archives and will make a copy of your GroupWise account on your computer.  This is not necessary and there are considerations to be made before using caching mode. For instructions on how to switch to caching mode, search the GroupWise Help Topics for 'caching mode' (Help menu, Help Topics, Search tab). 


When is the GroupWise cut-over to LoboMail?

All of your GroupWise emails, calendar items, contacts, folders, and other objects are in the process of being copied over to your new LoboMail account.  Account activation begins at 5:00pm on Friday, November 30th, at which time the following will occur:

  • Friday, 5:00pm: GroupWise becomes unavailable

  • Saturday, 8:00am: LoboMail accounts are active and available for use at lobomail.unm.edu. As of this time LoboMail is your only active email account - both webmail and GroupWise are inactive and no longer receiving mail.

  • Monday, 8:00am: Webmail is available in read-only mode for reference only.  GroupWise is re-opened in read-only mode for reference only, access to personal archives is restored
Please note that email will not be down and no mail will be lost.  We need to lock users out of GroupWise to get a clean and complete final migration to LoboMail.  If your job requires continuous access to email between 5pm Friday and 8am Saturday, please send a note to lobomailinfo@unm.edu and we will work with you individually.
What does and does not get copied over from GroupWise?

These elements will be copied over from GroupWise to LoboMail:

  • Email messages
  • Email folders
  • Appointments
  • Tasks
  • Notes
  • Address books
  • Distribution lists
  • Basic proxy rights
  • Documents
  • Cabinet
  • Categories/tags

These elements cannot be copied over from GroupWise and will have to be re-created in LoboMail:

  • Signatures
  • Empty folders
  • Document Library
  • Recurring appointments will be migrated as individual appointments
  • Only appointments from archive calendar or mailbox folders will be migrated to the Exchange calendar.   Appointments in other folders will be migrated as standard messages.
  • GroupWise Reminder Notes will be migrated as Sticky Notes without attachments.
  • Messages larger than 25MB cannot be transferred to LoboMail.  Save them to your hard drive, or split the message into smaller pieces and send them to yourself.  Here is how to find messages larger than 25MB in GroupWise.
Who is affected by this migration?
The GroupWise system and users affected by this transition are @unm.edu users only.  With a few exceptions, GroupWise users with @salud, @srmc, or @unmmg addresses are not affected by these migration activities and will receive information about their GroupWise accounts at a later date.  The few exceptions are certain salud users who are no longer affiliated with the HSC and whose email address was never adjusted to reflect that change.  Those users are being contacted separately.
I only use GroupWise for calendar - does this include me?
Yes, it does.  If you opted out of GroupWise for email but still use it for calendaring, your calendar information will be migrated to LoboMail.  (Technically, your entire GroupWise account is being migrated, but because you are forwarding your email out of the account there is no email to migrate).  Your webmail will be migrated over at the same time and the two accounts will be merged.
Why are emails that I deleted in GroupWise visible in my LoboMail account?
As much as we desired to avoid this, it is a limitation of the migration software that we were not able to prevent.   In order to facilitate the transition from GroupWise to LoboMail without any loss of information, we began archiving and transferring the GroupWise email and calendar data on November 15th.  Unfortunately, because of the large amount of data being transferred between the two systems, and the length of time it took to effect the transfer, you may note previously-moved or deleted emails and calendar appointments in your LoboMail account.  This is a one-time artifact of the transfer process, and will not be true of LoboMail going forward. 
What is going to happen to my GroupWise archives?
Although only 22% of GroupWise users have personal archives, we understand how important they are.  You will be provided with long-term options regarding your archives after the main migration is complete. In the interim, you will continue to have access to GroupWise archives using the same method you use today.
Will GWIM still work after the conversion?
We recognize the important role that instant messaging plays in the business operations of many offices across campus, and are committed to not disrupting that functionality. GroupWise Instant Messenger (GWIM) will continue to function even after GroupWise has been converted to LoboMail, The Microsoft platform being implemented as a part of this project contains several other applications in addition to email and calendaring, including an instant  messaging component, that may be implemented at a future date.  To request a new GWIM account, enter a service request at Help.UNM.edu.