Providing technical support to LoboMail users

Basic troubleshooting for log-in issues:

1. Make sure user is using a standard browser and version:  See FastInfo #6711 for the list of supported browsers

2. Confirm that user’s password is current:  Have the user log into 

3. Confirm that user’s LoboMail account has been activated:  Does the email icon say LoboMail?.  If so, click on the icon. It should take you to

4. Confirm that user is logging in with full email address, not just NetID:  On the page, log in with full email address (for example,

Most common issues and how to address them:

Unsupported browser:  See FastInfo #6711 for the list of supported browsers

Expired password:  Test by logging into  Reset password at

LoboMail account has not been activated yet:  Log into  Is the page bright yellow?  If not, the LoboMail account has not been activated yet. 

Not using whole email address as username:  Use whole email address, made up of, such as or

Deleted their contacts list:  Note that users have been sent 3 copies of their contacts list.  Even if they delete one they will still have other copies.  The contacts file is attached to the Final Email in the Webmail mailbox, the Welcome Email in the LoboMail mailbox, and the Final Email in the LoboMail mailbox (after final sync).  See FastInfo #6698 for instructions (and video) on how to import contacts into a LoboMail account.

Didn’t turn off Conversation View:  Conversation View is a feature offered with the LoboMail mailbox that is turned on by default. We recommend turning it off at first, and then turning it on again later if desired. See FastInfo #6705 for how to turn off Conversation View.

Didn’t set time zone:  When users first logged in, they were asked to set their time zone. If they did not do this already, please take a moment to set it. See FastInfo #6704 for how to set the time zone.

Messages larger than 25 MB:  Messages larger than 25MB cannot be copied to LoboMail.  If the user had messages larger than 25MB, their options include saving the attachment locally and forwarding the email without attachment to themselves to save the email conversation thread.  See FastInfo #6696 for how to find messages larger than 25MB in Webmail.

Messages marked for deletion:  The other type of message that cannot be copied to LoboMail is messages marked for deletion.  These are relatively rare, but do occasionally occur.  See FastInfo #6697 for how to find messages marked for deletion in Webmail.

Unsynchronized password:  In rare instances, a user's password was changed successfully in LDAP but failed to synchronize correctly with Active Directory, which is where LoboMail users are logging in.  In these cases, the user must reset their NetID password in order to re-sychchronize with AD.  Have them go to to reset the password, and wait 3 minutes for the synchronization process to complete.

Auto-discover of unactivated LoboMail accounts:  As part of the migration process new LoboMail accounts are created in order to begin copying mail into them.  These accounts are valid email accounts, and although they have not yet been populated or activated, they are available for being auto-discovered.  Both the Outlook and GroupWise clients can find them and first-time users may find that their email client is pointing to an empty LoboMail account instead of the Webmail or GroupWise account they had intended.  In these cases, you will need to override auto-discover and enter the correct server settings manually.  This problem will diminish as more and more LoboMail accounts are activated.